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Estonia 12th in this year’s Press Freedom Index

Estonia is ranked 12th in this year’s Press Freedom Index by Reporters Without Borders, a global organisation that promotes free media. Compared with 2016, Estonia has improved its ranking by two positions. However, Reporters Without Borders says it’s easy in…

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ESTCube-2 is coming!

ESTCube-2 is a technology demonstration mission for deorbiting technology plasma brake, the interplanetary propulsion system, electric solar wind sail and advanced satellite subsystem solutions. Have you noticed how fast space technology is developing? Mankind visited the Moon for the first…

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Estonia is the most entrepreneurial country in Europe

According to the World Economic Forum, The Baltic States are a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, and Estonia is Europe’s most entrepreneurial country. Estonian  neighbour countries are not far behind. Sweden holds the second, Finland the 15th, Latvia the third and…

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