Visit the new gatehouse of A. Le Coq Beer Museum


On September 19, the extension of A. Le Coq Beer Museum was opened as a representative building, which makes it much easier to visit the museum. There is also representative store, where people can choose from 200 different souvenirs.

A. Le Coq Museum gives the most comprehensive overview of Estonian beer history and its culture, from the ancient Egyptian to the present day.
On the four floors of the old malt hall there are several interesting finds and machines, stories and historical items about beer brewing in Tartu and Estonia more widely.

The most specialized exhibits in the museum are:

• Original bottle of Imperial Extra Double Stout from 1869. The bottle has still an original stout inside.
• Several photos and articles that illustrate the history of royal history.
• Old breweries, queen beans, baskets, casks, etc.
• Many photos, letters, and also the old stone town itself, which was founded about 150 years ago

However, the museum's main focus is on the fact that thanks to the Russian Tsar's court, the first station factory arrived in Tartu in 1912, which proved that the English stout was able to successfully brew outside the British Isles. It's also about the way the oldest Estonian beverage maker came to Estonia.

More information: A. Le Coq Beer Museum website.