Buffet day on Onion Road on 16th of September 2017

On 16th of September 2017 twenty six local families are going to open their yards and homes and are waiting for you!
Google Map for this day is HERE

The open buffet day opens at 10AM and lasts till 5PM (Tähemaa Vareme Resto is opening at 6PM and with pre-registration).

Facts and suggestions:
• Cafes are opened 10-17. Tähemaa Vareme Restoran will start their program at 18 but requires pre-registration and ticket purchase (until 15th of September) and Varaka Mammi Sahver is open from 9 till 6PM.
• It is unlikely that you will get to visit all the cafes so choose the ones you want to visit beforehand and check the map which is the best way to them!
• Bring cash! You can only pay in cash at the cafes.
• You can buy onions, preserved foods, potatoes etc from a lot of the cafes.
• Up-to-date information about the cafes (for example if a cafe is out of food) will be added to the Facebook event page.
• In Varnja, Kasepää, Kolkja and Nina the roads are very narrow. Please be careful, don’t block the local exits and only park on one side of the road. Otherwise there will be no room to move.
• On the Varnja Kolkja way there’s a one-way road, it will be marked with temporary traffic signs.
• There will also be an onion fair at Varnja, one part of the street will be closed (on the from the chapel to cordon). Järvemajakse and Mesi Tare cages are about a 10 minute walk from the Varnja crossroads in front of the chapel.
• We advise to download Google Map with all the cafes or download LiveTeam which has all the cafes on it and will also allow you to connect with friends and see where they are.
• Local museums will also be opened: Alatskivi castle, Kolkja old believer musem, Liivi museum.
• There will be different activities at the cafes: chances to draw, play areas for children, concerts and other shows.
• Cafes are opened with any weather! Keep an eye on the weather forecast and wear appropiate clothing.

More information from Sibulatee website.