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Gustav Gastro Café on the ground floor of Tartu Kaubamaja
(+372) 53231747
A Mecca of foods from all over the world with a fresh and rich menu, including a selection of...
Sireli Café
(+372) 7343490
A small cosy café in the Raadi city district in Tartu serves delicious and affordable lunches on...
Café Tassikoogid
(+372) 3328266
Tassikoogid is the first cupcake boutique in Estonia; it is located in Karlova District in a...
Cake Shop Mandel
(+372) 53479293
Here, at the cosy cake shop Mandel, mouth-watering pastries are made from the produce of local...
Vudila bistro
(+372) 58224224
Vudila bistro is located in Vudila Playland and accommodates up to 100 people comfortably. At the...
Pagaripoisid cafe on Küüni Street
(+372) 56215066
The Pagaripoisid cafe on Küüni Street is situated in the centre of Tartu. It is open from early...
Café & Restaurant Newton
(+372) 56668532
We offer a wide selection of meals and an excellent view in our cosy, light and friendly café....
Café Spargel
(+372) 7353911
This is a cosy café and gallery at Tartu Centre for Creative Industries that has art both on the...
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