Parks and gardens
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Alatskivi Park
(+372) 7453816
Alatskivi Castle Park – the biggest park in Tartu County (130 ha) – was established by squire...
Äksi Swing Park
Äksi Swing Park is located in the park of Äksi Church. It is a picturesque place with 15...
Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu
(+372) 7376180
At the Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu, visitors can go for a walk, relax in a...
Järvselja Nursery
(+372) 53420796
Järvselja Nursery sells a broad selection of plants every summer.
Luunja Manor Park
(+372) 7417319
Luunja Manor Park was established in the 18th century as a Baroque park by Count B.C. von...
Raadi Park
(+372) 7350442
Raadi Park is one of the best examples of park design in the history of Estonian manor parks. The...
The park of Tartu Environmental Education Centre
(+372) 7366120
In the city centre of Tartu, around the new Tartu Environmental Education Centre, there is a...
Toomemägi Park
(+372) 7442111
Toomemägi was a gift from Emperor Paul I to the University of Tartu – having previously been...
Vana-Kuuste Park
Vana-Kuuste Park (3.5 ha) was established as a regular park in the beginning of the 19th century....
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