Exhibition in Gallery Noorus of Tartu Art College: Nude in the Chaos


This exhibition brings together painting students from the same course in Tartu Art College years ago. Versatile company meets again to compare the latest directions in their art.

NUDE IN THE CHAOS theme invites the language of academic figurative painting into the world of young creators’ ideas and mediums. Opposing to chaos in a way, nude as a phenomenon is fascinating both from the visual and performative side. In Greek mythology chaos meant a yawning chasm, disorganized and formless primordial matter from which arose earth (Gaia) and love (Eros) but also darkness and underworld. Changing beyond recognition or remaining distinguishable these new „nudes” in turn give birth to a state in which we can sense both disorder and a new beginning.

Participating in the group exhibition – Kait Kipper, Liisa Kivimäe, Paavo Käämbre, Marin Laes, Jane Lappo, Vesta Naruski, Sandra Nihvelt, Tanel Tolsting, Maaria Treima, Laura Vähi, Varje Õunapuu.

Gallery Noorus of TAC
Riia 11, Tartu
Open Tuesday to Saturday 11-18
Free Admission

For more information contact:
Marin Laes
Tel: 53307434
kuumariin at gmail dot com