Discover Tartu on guided walks

A city almost a thousand years old, Tartu has many interesting stories to tell and places to show. These guided walking tours showcase the unique atmosphere, stories and architectural pearls of different parts of Tartu – the city centre, the Karlova district and the suburb of Supilinn (‘Soup town’).

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN
Organizer: South-Estonia DMC, www.south-estonia.ee

Soirees in the most magnificent example of Baltic brick gothic – Tartu Cathedral

The University of Tartu Museum offers a unique opportunity to spend an educative and fun evening in the monumental cathedral in the Cathedral Hill. Each soiree is comprised of educational/participative, active and fun components, that amount to a lively and dynamic evening. The duration and arrangement of the components can be customised as per your wishes. See the different options HERE. The University of Tartu Museum offers also tours of Toome Hill, one of Tartu’s symbolic landmarks. The tour introduces the different layers, landmark buildings and monuments of Toome Hill.

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN, GER
Organizer: University of Tartu Museum, www.muuseum.ut.ee

Tartu city tour including the KGB museum and beer-tasting at the A. Le Coq brewery

During this tour you will visit Town Hall Square, the University of Tartu and Toome Hill with its cathedral ruins and sculptures. The KGB museum will provide you with an overview of the history of the Estonian Resistance Movement and the crimes of the communist regime. At the brewery you will enjoy a short excursion before tasting A. Le Coq’s famous beverages.

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN, SWE
Organizer: E-TURIST Ltd, www.e-turist.ee

Tour to Tartu manors

Tartu was established on the lands of eight manors. During this 4-5 hour tour we will see them all, or at least what is left of them. Your guide will offer plenty of information about manor economy and culture over the centuries in Estonia. At some manors you will learn more about architecture: some have nice gardens, and some we will even be able to take a look at from the inside. The tour includes a coffee break and information materials. It is also possible to organize a costume party, dinner or concert, indoors or outdoors.

Languages: EST, FIN, ENG, SWE
Organizer: Beneficium Ltd, info at beneficium dot ee