Järvselja Hiking Trail

Address: Järvselja küla, Meeksi vald, Tartu County 62506, (+372) 7411341 | Show on map
Telephone: (+372) 7411341
Website: http://jarvselja.ee/sihtasutusest/jarvselja-loodus/opperada/
E-mail: info at jarvselja dot ee
Järvselja is located 46 km from Tartu and is almost entirely surrounded by swamps. The nature conservation area shows visitors what primeval forests used to look like. We get to see what a forest looks like when humans do not interfere with its development – tree trunks are covered in moss, lichen hangs off their branches, rotting fallen trees are hidden under layers of moss. Järvselja hiking trail and primeval forest are one of the 21 places worth discovering in Southern Estonia that are marked with a yellow National Geographic window; if you are interested in nature, visiting those places is highly recommended.
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