Järvselja Primeval Forest Nature Reserve

Address: Agali küla, Kastre vald, Tartu County 62402, (+372) 7411341 | Show on map
Telephone: (+372) 7411341
Website: http://www.jarvselja.ee/
E-mail: info at jarvselja dot ee
Järvselja Primeval Forest or Nature Reserve is the first and, therefore, the oldest forest protection area in Estonia. It was placed under protection in 1924. In 2006, Järvselja Nature Reserve was established, which includes the primeval forest, the surrounding quarters, and the Riiupalu pine forest, a total of 184.4 hectares of land. 2014 marked the year that the nature conservation quarter had not been included in forestry activities for 90 years. Järvselja Primeval Forest is a truly ancient and special, naturally beautiful and untouched place, where, in addition to primeval trees, many unique bird species can be seen.  
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