Parking in Tartu City Centre

Parking charges apply on working days from 8:00 to 18:00. Parking is free on weekends and national holidays. The area where parking charges apply is divided into two zones: the charge for parking one hour in Zone A is 2 euros, in Zone B 1 euro. If you indicate the starting time, you are entitled to 15 minutes of free parking in Zone A, to 90 minutes in Zone B. The parking ticket machine automatically extends the ticket by the free parking time. If you prefer to use your mobile phone to make use of the free parking time arrangement, simply indicate the Zone and the respective number (A15 / B90). If you park without paying, the fine for delayed payment is 30 euros. In areas where parking charges apply, there are free, designated parking zones for buses, motorcycles and mopeds. 

In private parking areas, rates may vary.

Payment options:
  • Parking ticket machine – in cash (accepts 10, 20 and 50-cent as well as 1 and 2-euro coins) or by card payment.
  • Mobile payment (send text to short code 1902, using the following format: vehicle registration plate, space, designation of the parking zone (123ABC A15 / B90). To end your parking time, call 1903. For information, call 1910).
  • Parking permit. Parking permits for a day, month or year are sold at the Tartu Information Centre on the ground floor of City Hall (tel. 736 1101). Also, you can obtain a parking permit for a day at a parking ticket machine by paying for five hours of parking.
  • Portal
  • Parking app for smart devices. We recommend using parking apps (Ühisteenused AS) or PARGI.EE (EMT AS).