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Fish and Onion Restaurant of the Old-Believers of Kolkja
(+372) 5049908
Unique Fish and Onion Restaurant in Kolkja serves meals prepared with Lake Peipsi fish and local...
Rahwa Resto
(+372) 53462244
Living up to its name, Rahwa Resto (People's Restaurant) is meant for everyone. We welcome...
Restaurant Gruusia Köök
(+372) 58323182
Restaurant Gruusia Köök (Georgian Cuisine) serves wonderful and exciting dinners and lunches....
Restaurant Umb Roht
(+372) 7440055
A cosy restaurant, where chefs find inspiration from the local flora and fauna that offer...
Restaurant Himaalaja Jutud
(+372) 7401606
Himaalaja Jutud is the first Tibetan restaurant in Tartu, Estonia, and the Baltic states. Here,...
Restaurant Antonius
(+372) 7370377
Restaurant Antonius is located in a room with a vaulted arch ceiling, adorned with a rare fresco....
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