Rooms for 16-30 participants


Ravila 19, 50411, Tartu

The Biomedicum is the academic building for preclinical subjects of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu. It is also a large, modern science centre, with well-equipped laboratories, rooms for seminars and private studies for lecturers and scientists. It has a 30-seat auditorium, plus a specialized library on the 1st floor.

Technical equipment: touch-screen data projector, PC, OHP, slide projector, document camera, S-VHS, CD and DVD player, TV, sound system, screens, whiteboard, remote mouse & Echo 360 recording equipment

Café Suudlevad Tudengid

Raekoja plats 10/12, 51004 Tartu


Domus Dorpatensis

Raekoja plats 1/Ülikooli 7, 51003, Tartu

The Domus Dorpatensis foundation rents its rooms for different events and occasions. You can use its seminar room, board room or club room.

Technical equipment: flipchart, graphic projector and CD player A data projector with laptop and a DVD player with a large screen are available on request.

Dorpat Convention Centre

Turu 2 (Tasku Centre), 51014, Tartu

Dorpat Conference Centre, located on the 4th floor of the adjoining Tasku Centre, is the largest and most contemporary conference and event centre in Southern Estonia. The entire centre has free wireless Internet access. Catering services for guests of the conference centre are provided by the Dorpat restaurant.

Technical equipment is available for multimedia conferences: video camera + filming service, microphones, OHP and data projector with screens, flipchart, sound equipment, microphone and note paper in larger rooms, CD player, LCD monitor, TV + VCR, computers etc.


Vilde lokaal
Eduard Vilde Inn & Café

Vallikraavi 4, Tartu 51003


Emajõe Maja

Tartu Emajõe 8

Rooms in the 100-year old stylish wooden town house are specially created for adult training.

The house with a wonderful view to the river is a great venue for your in-company trainings, presentations or board meetings.

Comfortable chairs.

Unique atmosphere: coffee-salon with a fire-place and paintings.

Clip-board (paper-board), data–projector, WiFi

Free parking.

With warm weather, you can have your seminar discussions in our spacious veranda or in the splendid garden.
River seminar room is suitable for groups up to 22 people


Estonian National Museum: Matthias Johann Eisen auditorium

Muuseumi tee 2 60532 Tartu

The auditorium is situated on the left hand of the building’s A-area. It has two large glass walls offering spetacular views on Lake Raadi. The room is closely located to conferance hall. Chairs and tables can be arranged according to the need. Furniture: touch-screen interactive board- TV 65“ on the wheels. 

Estonian National Museum: Oskar Kallas auditorium

Muuseumi tee 2 ,60532 Tartu

A distinctively designed bright hall with spetacular views is located on the right hand of the building’s A-area. Its high ceiling (9 m) is visually brought lower with suitable lightning. Furniture: touch screen interactive board- TV I on 65“ wheels. 


Syndmuskeskus 1920x1080-2
Harald Mattias hall in Hotel Lydia

Ülikooli 14, 51003 Tartu

Hotel Lydia’s event centre is an ideal venue for special occasions, receptions, seminars and conferences.
In addition to the event centre, the hotel has another smaller hall, called Harald Mattias, which can seat up to 22 people. Historic and stately furnished hall is suitable for dinners, meetings, events, coffee breaks or business meetings. There is also a cozy lounge in the hotel lobby for quick meetings.
Event catering is offered by the Hõlm restaurant.

Antoniuse sviit - seminar
Hotel Antonius - Antonius’ suite

Ülikooli 15, Tartu

Antonius’ suite makes for a truly outstanding event where you can enjoy a private and cosy atmosphere.

Price includes:
Data projector and screen
Whiteboard (on request)
Stationery for the applicants
WiFi access
Coffee breaks and group menus
are offered by the Antonius restaurant
for additional fee.

Hotel Barclay

Ülikooli 8, 51003, Tartu

The Barclay hotel in the very heart of Tartu is a pleasant and comfortable place to stay for holidaymakers and businessmen. The hotel courtyard is secure parking for cars and motorbikes. The former President of Estonia, Mr Lennart Meri said that Barclay is like the business card of the whole city, the inviting smile of it. Being in the centre of city, we are close to all the main sights, including Tartu University, the Town Hall, the "Vanemuine" theatre, as well as banks and shopping centres.
In the hotel we have Vallkraavi room for 24 persons. Throughout the hotel we offer complimentary wireless internet to all guests. In addition, we provide additional services: ordering taxi, laundry, fax services, use of computer, transfers.

hotell draakon
Hotel Draakon

Raekoja plats 2, 51003, Tartu

Hotel Draakon forms part of the regal architectural skyline of the Old Town of Tartu, in which both baroque and classicist are represented. Right next to the hotel is the Town Hall, built in 1789. The hotel is at the heart of an architectural junction on Town Hall Square, where 18th century baroque (the restaurant building) meets late 18th century and early 19th century classicism (the hotel building). Both styles can be admired from outside as well as in.

Technical equipment: OHP, flipchart, TV & VCR Other equipment is available at extra charge.

Hotel Sophia- South Hall

Ringtee 75, Tartu 50501

South Hall, which is smaller of the two conference halls in Sophia, seats up to 30 people. In the inspiring atmosphere of South Hall, all technical amenities are ensured for organising small events or heated debates.  The head Chef and team of Restaurant Fii will take care of your Coffee breaks and lunches as requested. At the end of a busy day, you can enjoy various activities provided by our partners.

Technical equipment included in the rental price
• WiFi access
• TV
• Speakers
• Pointer
• Flip chart with markers
• Air conditioner

Kure turismitalu
Kure Talu Guesthouse

Kure tee 4, Rahinge, Tähtvere municipality, 61408, Tartu County

Kure Talu Guesthouse is 7 km from central Tartu in Tähtvere municipality. In 1997 the property was awarded the title of “most beautiful farm in Estonia” and in 2008 it was deemed the country’s most beautiful home. The guesthouse is a new wooden building set against a backdrop of forests. It has its own flower gardens. 

Technical equipment: flipchart & screen

Mila Studio
Mila Studio

Ülikooli 12, 51003 Tartu


Restaurant Bel-Ami

Raekoja plats 12, Tartu 51004


Tartu Centre for Creative Industries

Kalevi 13, Tartu 51010

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries is available for meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars and other events. The seminar room has an area of 35 m2 and the capacity is in theatre style 25 persons.

Technical equipment: touch-screen, video projector, computer, whiteboard and flipchart, markers and crayons.

Tartu loodusmaja päikesetuba
Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Lille 10, 51010, Tartu

At Tartu Environmental Education Centre, you can rent rooms for meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events. Environmentally friendly and healthy construction and finishing materials, large windows affording views of a park and a conservatory with exotic plants create a unique and cosy environment for events. Any event that takes place on our premises must be eco-friendly; here, we do not use plastic dinnerware, and all waste is sorted.

Tartu International School: Classrooms

J. Liivi 2d, 50409, Tartu

The school has 7 classrooms that can be rented. The size of the rooms varies from 20 m2 to 35 m2, and they are suitable for 8 – 30 users. All rooms are equipped with a screen and projector. Laptops and tablets can be rented at additional cost. Furniture in the rooms can be arranged according to the needs of a group.  

Tartu Observatory

Observatooriumi 1, Tõravere, Nõu Parish 61602, Tartu County

In Tartu Observatory, there are altogether four rooms for seminars and conferences (big hall 192,5m2, room Marss 72,5m2, room Maa 79,0m2 and room Veenus 41,0m2), but rooms Marss and Veenus can also be joined and used as one 113,5m2 hall for up to 110 delegates in theatre style.
Rooms Marss and Veenus can accommodate in conference boardroom style up to 20 delegates.


Tartu Science Park

Riia 181a, 51014, Tartu


University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences: Seminar room 003

Näituse 2 Tartu

 It is possible to rent seminar rooms in the historic building of the Institute of Psychology (New Anatomicum, Näituse 2, Tartu) in vacant times.
Building has an elevator and an entrance with a ramp for the disabled.

Seminar room 003 has movable tables and chairs; a computer and a projector.

University of Tartu, Faculty of Social Sciences: Seminar room 111

Näituse 2 Tartu

It is possible to rent seminar rooms in the historic building of the Institute of Psychology (New Anatomicum, Näituse 2, Tartu) in vacant times.
Building has an elevator and an entrance with a ramp for the disabled.


Seminar room 111 has movable tables and seats; a computer and a projector.


The Estonian Printing and Paper Museum

Kastani 42, V korpus

 The Estonian Printing and Paper Museum is an eclectic space for organizing meetings and seminars. We have hosted concerts for about 50 people and small seminars with 20 participants. The room can be re-arranged according to the needs of a client: we bring or take away chairs, move tables and place the display around as much as possible.

We are located in the Widget Factory (Aparaaditehas), entrance from the courtyard.

In the museum there is a screen and a projector, near by are restaurants for ordering catering.

Uhti Public Studio

Valgekõrtsi tee 22, Uhti küla, Ülenurme vald, Tartumaa

Uhti Open Studio is available for rent - for meetings, conferences and seminars. As a conference service Uhti Public Studio offers various rooms, as well as the whole building. The smaller rooms - Masters’ Chamber on the 2nd floor, Forge and Stable chamber can accommodate up to 25 persons.

We also offer equipment for breaks in the workshops: coffee break and food.

Verevi Motel

H. Raudsepa 2, Elva 61509, Tartumaa


Vikerkaare Guesthouse

Vikerkaare 40, 51006, Tartu

Vikerkaare Guesthouse is located in the most prestigious suburb of Tartu, Tähtvere, which is renowned for its pleasant neighbourhood environment. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the centre of the town to the guesthouse. In summer you can spend time in its green gardens.

Technical equipment: OHP and data projector with screen, flipchart, CD player, DVD player & TV

V spa hotel Conference center: room Estonia

Riia 2, Tartu, 51004

The V conference centre located on the second floor of the hotel offers business clients conference and training rooms and banquet halls equipped with leading-edge technology accommodating altogether up to 700 people.