Traditions and culture

Arts and crafts workshop in St. Anthony’s Guild
St. Anthony’s Guild is an arts and crafts centre in the Old Town of Tartu. It offers you the chance to take part in creative workshops such as porcelain-painting, glass-staining and leather art. Choose the workshop you’re interested in and make your own masterpiece! The price includes instruction by professional artists and all materials. Learn something new – not just about art, but about yourself as well!

Participants per workshop: max. 10

Marzipan workshop
Find out all about the wonderful world of marzipan! We come to your conference venue and give you the chance to make yourself a nice little marzipan figure and decorate it. Take it with you as a souvenir!

Participants per workshop: 10-20
Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, GER
Organizer: E-TURIST Ltd,

Trip to Lake Peipus and Alatskivi Manor
Trip to Lake Peipus and Alatskivi Manor – one of the finest neogothic buildings in the Baltic States. This trip starts from your conference venue, led by our professional guide. You will visit the villages of the Russian Old Believers, an ethnic group who have preserved their unique culture and customs, before we make a stop at Lake Peipus. We then visit Alatskivi Castle, built between 1880 and 1885 to the designs of owner Baron von Nolcken. Lunch is at the castle restaurant.

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN, GER
Organizer: E-TURIST Ltd,

Multicultural Lake Peipus or The Onion Route
One region, three cultures: Russian Old Believers, traces of the German baron era and Estonian cultural history. Lake Peipus is a mystical place. On the one hand you have the Russian Old Believers, who in the 17th century split away from the official Russian Orthodox Church and migrated to Estonia, and who still live in a unique one-street village, doing their best to preserve their religion, history and traditions. On the other hand, the region is also known for a magnificent manor house – Alatskivi Castle, which offers a glimpse into the lives of the German barons of the 19th century. The region also showcases the lives of Estonian peasants in the area in the 19th century and the literary heritage of Estonian authors Juhan and Jakob Liiv. The Old Believers are well-known as onion growers, and there are large fields of onions in the villages near the lake. The local cuisine has been influenced by this, as well as by the proximity of the lake, relying heavily on onions and fish. This day-trip includes transport, museum admission, visits to churches, castle admission, time with the locals and listening to their stories, tasty local food, the unique atmosphere of the region and a water reed workshop.

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN
Organizer: South-Estonia DMC,

The Old Postal Route and Setomaa
The historic Tartu-Võru-Pihkva postal road leads a different life today than it did hundreds of years ago, when it was used to deliver post to Pskov in Russia. However, its atmosphere remains in the renovated postal taverns and museums. One old postal inn is now a handicraft workshop, where everyone is welcome to try their hand at making different things. There are several museums along the route that provide an overview of the history of the area. Our farthest destination along the route is Setomaa – a unique ethnic and linguistic region. The culture of the Seto people emerged under the influence of two other cultures, from east and west. The Seto language, its customs, cuisine, folklore and traditional costumes have all been preserved by the small local community. This day-trip includes transport, museum admission, the handicraft workshop, local food and traditional song or dance performances.

Languages: EST, ENG, RUS, FIN
Organizer: South-Estonia DMC,